What is the religious belief according to scientists?

Scientists have never mixed science with religion. To date, as many scientists have been created.  Very few of them were atheists. See Einstein in particular.


Who was a Jew.  He is one of the greatest scientists of all time in the history of the world.  Einstein once said,

"Science is unless without religion. Religion is bilnd without science."

Einstein's statement above shows that the importance of religion is very important. Science is useless without religion. It can be understood by analyzing the sentence. According to Einstein, religion has attracted people to the study of science.  In the same way, religion is blind without science.  Meant by the sentence.  It is not necessary to tell these people how the earth was created. People have to prove the existence of religion. Only then will that religion take shape.


A few years ago, a Japanese scientist discovered a cure for cancer. For which he has received international awards. The Japanese scientist was asked by a fellow opponent, "We haven't been able to come up with a cure for cancer despite our best efforts. But how did you make this impossible possible?"

In response, the Japanese scientist said, "I used to fast once during the Muslim month of Ramadan. After fasting all day, my body became very tired. My body cells became weak. I thought that day, if this can destroy the cancer cells in the body."  Only then can I get rid of cancer. I made cancer medicine from there. "

Note that at present, that Japanese scientist has converted to Islam. Who has abandoned his previous religion of atheism?

All the great scientists in the history of the world believe in any religion.

Scientists like Newton, Galileo, Darwin, Rutherford, Bohr, Einstein, Al Khawarazmi, Ibn Sina, Ibn Rosa, Pythagoras have come.  They all believed in more or less religion.  Especially around 12000 AD when the dark age was going on all over the world.  At that time, Baghdad in Iraq was at the forefront of research knowledge.  Originally the Abbasid Caliph Harun-ur-Rashid inspired the people of the state to practice science.  As a result, the world got scientists like Ibn Sina.  Who is the father of modern medical science.

But people like Charles Darwin think of the ape as their ancestor.  Most of these scientists were atheists.  However, many believe in only one Creator.  He did not follow any religion.  However, according to current scientists, Darwin's information is very weak.  If monkeys can be humans.  Then why all the monkeys could not be human?  However, the problem is the same, no one has yet been able to give completely true information about the creation of man. Maybe, not all information about the evolution of man can be known.

So, we can say like Einstein.

"Science is never successful without religion. Religion is never true without science."

 So it is very important for a person to respect both religion and science.  It can be any religion.  Whether it is Islam or Christianity.  In any case, it is very important to practice religion.

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