On the day of Ashura, Iran's body bleeds, all the punishments that have to be meted out.

In Iran, in the month of Muharram, the punishment for mourning is to bleed in public.

In many cases, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been able to implement the fact that Islam does not like any exaggeration in the name of expressing emotion or grief.  This fact can be felt in the bones of the country as soon as the month of Muharram arrives.

According to Articles 617 and 637 of the Islamic Penal Code of the Islamic Republic of Iran, if a person is found to have publicly or publicly mourned during the holy month of Muharram and Ashura, the country's court may impose a fine, deportation, flogging and imprisonment on the person.  As a punishment.

 According to the rules of Islam, clothing, body and place must be holy for worship.  But as the blood is impure, the place, body and clothes become impure by its touch.  Therefore, in the interest of worship, the Alem Samaj of Iran has issued a fatwa saying that it is forbidden to intentionally desecrate holy places like mosques and Imambara with human blood.

The Iranian scholarly community also believes that those who wish to mourn the tragic events of Karbala will be entitled to many rewards if they donate blood to hospitals for patients without wasting blood.

The fatwa of Ayatollah Uzma Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran, also states that it is haraam to shed blood in the name of mourning Muharram and Ashura.  He even forbade doing so in secret.

Iran's supreme leader has said that such acts are not mourning but the destruction of mourning.  He also opposed mourning by taking off his clothes or being naked.  In some parts of the world, in the name of mourning Ashura and Muharram, many people bleed their bodies in various ways.  And this issue is creating many negative ideas about the sanctity of Muharram and the mourners.

Many other top Iranian scholars believe that the enemies of Islam are taking advantage of such propaganda to spread propaganda about this great religion, and they have been warning Muslims to refrain from such excesses in mourning.

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