Is science true or religion true?

The number of people in the world today is about seven hundred and fifty million.  Of these, 2,300 million are believers in Christianity, 1,960 million in Islam, 1,300 million in Hinduism, 560 million in Buddhism and 40 million in Judaism.  According to the American PO Research Center, there are currently about 6,000 million people in the world who believe in religion.

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However, about 1500 million people do not believe in any religion. They think they are their own creator.  They prefer science . So today we will discuss,Is science true or religion true? 

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The beginning of religion and science. 

The practice of religion and science has been going on since the development of mankind.  We know this from the oldest Persian civilization of mankind.  The oldest religion in the world is zoroastrianism. They believe in the same Creator as Muslims and Jews.  They had a prophet who guided them to the truth.  You would be surprised to know, since then the practice of science in the world began.  Made in present-day Iraq, the world's first shredder.  If we look at Greek civilization, we see the same picture.  Geometry was discovered during the then Egyptian civilization. The practice of medical science was introduced.  The practice of religion and science began with the development of mankind.

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Religion vs Science Hot discussion Part one. 

Where did the earth come from?  How many planets are there on earth?  Where did the development of mankind?  What do science and religion say about these questions?  Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are among the religions that believe in one God.  The earth was created in six days.  The Creator created the earth in six days.  Note that when the religious books came to earth, the people of the world did not know much about the universe.  On the other hand, a hundred years ago, all scientists agreed.  That about four and a half billion years ago, there was an explosion in the universe.  As a result, the smallest atom of the universe is made into one atom, today's world.  But the amazing thing is that according to the Big Bang and the religious book, the earth was created in six days.  (Note that the religious books are the Qur'an, the Bible).


What does religion say about the planets that revolve around the sun in the universe? There are seven planets directly mentioned in the Beth or Gita of the Hindus.  Islam, on the other hand, says that God created the seven heavens.  It can be clarified in this regard.  When we find Sahih Hadith on this subject.  On the other hand, according to NASA, the universe revolves around the center of the sun.  The number of such planets is seven.  Although it is a miracle, it is also accepted by both religion and science.

According to Charles Darwin, humans were created from the current Monkey.  If you are surprised, this is what true science says.  According to science, humans were first created in Africa.  At first they looked like Monkey.

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