How your Facebook account can be hacked.

There was a time when anyone could hack Facebook. But with the rise of Facebook, Facebook has strengthened its authority and its security.  Now anyone can take access to the Facebook account if they want.  

Why not, Facebook employs many big programmers in their company.  So what, is it not possible to hack Facebook? The answer will be, yes.  It is possible to hack.  There are thousands of young people who are able to hack Facebook.  Now the question may arise, then why I can not?  You will find the answers to all these questions.

Hacking Facebook account Through phishing. 

Hacking a Facebook account through phishing is as straightforward as water. Basically, hackers use their talents to create similar websites that look like Facebook. Then, they share that website link to others.  Many people give in this way.  As a result, all the information of a Facebook user goes to hackers.

If you want to avoid phishing, take a look at two before clicking on any link.  If before the link (https: // or www and at the end facebook. Com) then you can login there.  If this is not the case then maybe the link is a spam link.

Spy App

Spy app is not only used for Facebook hacking.  Basically the spy app hacked the whole phone.  There are many spy app tools available on the internet today.  As a result, many people are using spy app for bad use.  Basically, if the spy enters your phone in any way, you will not be able to see it anymore.  But the app will continue to run in the background on your phone.  Hackers can also take your photos.  In the same way you can take access to Facebook.

If you want to avoid the spy app calls, you have to do something.  Do not install any app on your mobile from anywhere other than Google Play Store.  Always keep Google Play App Protection on.  This will prevent any spy app from accessing your phone.  If you are an Apple, Xiaomi or Samsung user, check your phone's scanner at least twice a day.

 Social Engineering

We are ordinary people who use Facebook.  They often forget passwords or use weak passwords to avoid mistakes (1,2,3,4 5,6).  Moreover, many are creating their own nickname, many are creating Facebook passwords with their own name.  For example (MuhammadFahim, Ashraful Alam, David Finn, Joy Sankar, Stacey, Alexa Loren etc).  So that he can come up with an idea about your password.  Many accounts are hacked for using these weak passwords.

To survive in social engineering, you must set a complex password.  So that you can't login to your account.  Passwords need to be a lot, (# ৳ + ৳ +% - & ৳ muh # * ৳ * ammad ৳-- Fahim).  Moreover, do not give any bio or nick name that matches Parswad.

Keyloggers App

It is possible to hack the password with K Logger app.  However, you must install the app on the victim's phone.  However, if the victim has some idea about technology.  Then he can catch it.  That you are stealing his key word.

To avoid this hacking system, make sure that someone has added a new keyboard to your phone.  Or refrain from downloading keyboard apps wherever they are.

Facebook Account RECOVERY SYSTEM 

An easy way to hack Facebook is the Facebook Account Recovery Method.  Whatever the case, anyone can hack your account.  However, it is very difficult to hack Facebook in this way.  Why not? Facebook will not always show you the option to hack.

The only way to get rid of this hacking method is to set up a close or relative as your account recovery.  So that all the options to recover your Facebook account, go to that person you know.

Here are some common ideas about Facebook hacking rules and how to avoid hacking.  However, professional hackers can easily access your account using other methods.  So always try to protect yourself from hackers.

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