Bangladesh won the first series against Australia.

Bangladesh won against Australia for the first time in the history of cricket.The Tigers won the five-match T20 series 4-1.

Bangladesh won the first T20 match of the five-match series between Bangladesh and Australia by 23 runs. The second won by five wickets. The third won by 11 runs. However, in the fourth match, Australia came back. They won the fourth match by three wickets.  However, Bangladesh defeated Australia by 60 runs in the fifth match yesterday and won the series 4-1.

This series is probably the worst series for Australian cricket.  Who would have thought that.Aussie  is ashamed of the lowest run innings in the history of Australia's T20.  T20 Australia's lowest run is 62.

However, Bangladesh went to play a five-match series for the first time. Shakib Al Hasan has completed his 100 T20 wickets.  Which has met as the second player in the world.

Moreover, Bangladesh has been able to beat Australia in T20 for the first time. Moreover, Bangladesh won a series against Australia.

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